Металлоискатель DRS GROUND EXPER

Металлоискатель DRS GROUND EXPER

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I Hit the Ground With no Parachute and Lived!! My near-death, spiritual experience.

In 1979 I hit the ground with no parachute and had an out-of-body experience. Obviously, I lived. I was in hospital 4 weeks with a perforated pericardium (lining surrounding heart), broken ribs and collapsed lung, paralyzed 3 days, and other broken bones and injuries. The important part is that apparently, God was giving me a test, and I passed. God took my spirit out of my body and I watched myself hit the ground and bounce 20 feet into the air. I experienced bliss, a total communion with God and with all living things, everything. It was unlike anything I can describe in words. Please write and tell me if you have had a near death experience. I am studying this along with "the Universal Language of Sound Frequency Vibration." Please tell me if you have any knowledge of Whale Medicine, for I think I have it. Thanks. Have a great day!

Jim Bose - Ground source heat pump expert

Jim Bose is the executive director of the international ground source heat pump association and also the director of engineering technology at Oklahoma State University.

Remembering 9/11-- Dr. Robert Scott Reflects on his Experience at Ground Zero

Dr. Robert Scott is interviewed on FOX 11 Television by Reporter Phil Shuman. In an anniversary 9/11 piece, Dr. Scott recalls his experiences helping FDNY firefighters and the personal challenges he faced in dealing with the sights, sounds and images of the worst terrorist attack in our history.

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